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    SANETEL products presented on China Satellite Navigation Expo
    發布人: 日期:2014-05-23 】【打印 關閉

        21st May to 23rd May, the summit event of Chinese satellite navigation -- The 5th China Satellite Navigation Technology and Application Expo was held in Nanjing. The slogan was called “Beidou Application- Innovation, Integration, Share.” More than 2000 researchers, specialists and group representatives attended lectures, summit forums and product displays during the Expo, sharing latest technology news and business prospects.

        At the fair we presented SANETEL Marine SOTM and Portable Planar-array Fly-away VSAT SATCOM antenna to the attendees. These are achievement of our long time technology accumulation in inertial navigation and control.

        Perfect quality, reliable performance and thoughtful service have made SANETEL a benchmark in the field of mobile satellite communication. Our brand has been highly commended by all concerned groups met in Expo.

        The core idea of the Expo was concluded as “Drive industry development with technology innovation, improve industry vertical integration with management creativity, share achievement to the whole industry”. The ideas have been highly recognized by both customers and our colleagues in this trade.


    SANETEL Marine SOTM and  Planar-array Fly-away VSAT antenna were displayed on Expo

    SANETEL S120 Tri-axis Marine SOTM was introduced on product release conference

    General Manager Dr.Xu Yefeng was presenting new products


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