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    Servo Stabilization Home >> Solution >> Servo Stabilization

    Servo-stabilization for SOTM Antenna

        Servo-stabilization tracking control is the core technology to make sure the SOTM antenna‘s performance. SANETEL provides brilliant stable control solution with the fusion of inertial navigation and inertial stabilization technology.

    Servo-stabilization System with External INS

        Servo-stabilization with external INS adopts separate design of the INS and SOTM antenna that can randomly put the INS on the installation base, connected by cable. This separate design has great features of flexible installation, INS maintenance, update, and easy replacement.

    SOTM Antenna with External INS

    Servo-stabilization System with Built-in INS

        Servo-stabilization with built-in INS adopts the integrated design of the INS and SOTM antenna,  installed the inertial navigation system inside the SOTM antenna’s randome. This integrated  design has advantages in highly integration, convenience usage without the INS calibration by users.

    SOTM Antenna with built-in INS


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