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    Company Profile

        SANETEL, a world-class designer, manufacturer and integrator in Mobile Satellite Communication industry, specializes in three product categories: Satcom-on-the–Move, Mobile TVRO Antenna and Fly-away Antenna. With the leading technological advantages in Inertial Measurement, Servo Stabilization and Sat-com System Integration,   SANETEL provides top-performance maritime and land use products and service to both China and overseas Government Organizations and enterprise partners. In recent 2 years, SANETEL has delivered around 900 sets of SOTM antenna for marine/land and Fly-away antenna for our customers national wide and abroad. Driven by passion and innovation spirit, SANETEL will keep providing reliable products and excellent service for our customers and business partners with the idea—Connecting the infinity.

    Product Line

        SANETEL S-series Ku-band Marine SOTM Antenna (S100/S120)

        SANETEL C-series Ku-band SOTM Antenna for Vehicle (C80/C90)

        SANETEL T-series Ku-band Low-profile SOTM Antenna for Vehicle (T60/T65)

        SANETEL P-series Ku-band Fly-away VSAT Antenna (P100/P120/P90T/P80T)

        SANETEL S-series Ku-band Mobile Marine TVRO Antenna (S2/S3)

        SANETEL C-series Ku-band Mobile TVRO Antenna for Vehicle (C1/C2)


        SANETEL has been certified to ISO9001:2008 by IQNet and CQC.







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